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First impressions count so we take great pride in maintaining a wide variety of green spaces, across all four seasons, to the highest horticultural standards.


Weston Support Services staff will ensure an aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe environment for your staff and visitors.


Whether you need us to maintain your school playing fields, or your business or public grounds, we will work closely with you to consistently deliver the standards that you need.

By providing bespoke, regularly updated, on-site training we enable our staff to use the safest, and best, working methods whilst operating machinery and chemicals both safely and effectively.


Our services include:

  •  Maintaining beds, shrub, hedges and controlling weeds safely

  •  Landscaping and pathways

  •  Environmental hygiene

  •  Tree surveys and maintenance programmes

  •  Lawn maintenance for commercial or industrial properties

  •  The marking and maintenance of sports grounds

Contact us either by phone or email to discuss how we can help you.

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